To Mary:
Love Bosco and Paris:

Mary, we just want to let you know how much we really love our home away from home and mostly how much we really love you and Cam.  When we first moved to Canada from Florida we were all turned around and very disoriented and felt so fearful when our moms would go away not knowing where they were going to put us.  I know this was a big strain on them because they love us so very very much and are bit over protective.  They would never put us in a kennel or leave us with anyone they did not feel safe, or comfortable and most importantly somewhere they truly TRUSTED.  I am so happy that they found you and Cam to take care of us.  In the summer, our favorite playtime is going in our little pond with all of our friends and chasing each other around the big huge park area out back.  We also love relaxing in the cool breeze under the cherry tree after a good run or ball chasing .  In the winter you always make sure we are warm and comfortable laying by the fire and cuddling up for the night after a hard play day in the snow.   We love all of our camp mates that visit each time, but mostly, we are so grateful that you and Cam love us the way you do and give so much tender care when our moms are away.  Now, when they tell us that they are going away again, they pack our bag and tell us “we are going to see MARY” we get so excited and can’t wait. Thanks for always being there and knowing that your home is our home away from home.

Written with the help of moms Mara and Regina

Dear Mary & Cam,

You and your family entered our lives at just the right moment in time. We were searching for a new dog walker/daycare/kennel and we had met with a few people but never really felt that click you get when you meet someone truly special. Having transferred to Oakville from Calgary we didn’t know many people when we first got here, so finding someone we could trust with our pets while we were away was tantamount to scaling Everest.

We found out about the Glen Abbey Off Leash Park and headed up that way for our dogs to play, not knowing just how much this was going to spark a chain of events. Fast forward a year and a half, we’d gone through six different dog walkers or dog walking services all with no luck or lasting effect. By this point I had been appointed Secretary Treasurer for the Abbey Oaks Off Leash Park when we were approached by Mary and Cam Nebesny who wanted to help contribute to our park. They offered to match the fund-raising to build our second pergola in the park, for which all the members are eternally grateful, especially on those very hot summer days. This is an acknowledgement they have never sought out, but I feel is truly deserving of their giving and kind nature, everyone should know of their generosity.

After hearing about the services offered by Mary and Cam from Dolores Doherty, the President of Abbey Oaks Off-Leash Park, I called and made an appointment to meet them in person. Mary showed up on our door with all her paraphernalia, showing me through her scrapbooks, her photo’s, her recommendations, etc. I was thoroughly impressed, as were my dogs! They could not get enough of her that day. When we spoke, we clicked right away, and I knew in my heart I’d found the people that would love our dogs as much as we did, the people who would and have; bent over backwards to accommodate our crazy schedules and who unconditionally love and cherish each and every one of our three dogs.  

Mishka, Anja and Stoli look forward to their daycare days each and every week. All I have to say is "daycare" and they run to the door looking for Mary or Cam to appear. When they have been picked up, it’s a race to see which one can get to the van the quickest. We would be lost without Family Pet Services and we have recommended them to everyone we speak to at the park or in our daily dealings. We know that our dogs are happy, safe and loved while in Mary and Cam’s capable hands. We come home to three very happily exhausted pups each night when they have been to daycare, knowing that they have had the very best care available. For that we are eternally grateful!


Drew Gerrard & Don Wyatt

Dear Mary and Cam,

We just wanted to Thank-you very much for taking such good care of Pepsi.  This was the first time we had left him and we were very nervous about it.  We had checked out many other pet services in the area and did not feel comfortable leaving him, but then we met you guys and you made us feel right at home, as Pepsi is such a small dog we were worried that he would be put in with the large dogs.  Your home is a great place and lots of room for the dogs to run, I like how you can keep the small dogs separate from the big ones.  We could tell when we returned from our vacation that Pepsi had been well taken care of.  We would recommend your pet services to all our family and friends.  We let everyone know this is the place for small dogs for sure.  Thanks again and we will keep in touch and let you know of our next vacation!
Karen, Kyla, Joey and Pepsi

Dear Auntie Mary and Uncle Cam,

When my Mom says that I am going to the 'Spa' - I know I am going to see Auntie Mary and I can't get in the car fast enough.  Thank God that it is only a 20-30 min car ride (depending on whose driving, Mom or Dad) because I bounce from one side of the car to the other.  As soon as we turn on to your road, I know the wait is almost over.  When we pull into your yard and you come and greet me, I can not wag my tail fast enough.  As you probably noticed, my whole back end gets into this wagging mode.  This makes my Mom happy, because she knows that I am happy and is not afraid to leave me.  After all, they seem to go away for 6 weeks at a time, but that is no bother to me.  I see the rolling hills, the great play yard, and most of all -  the pond.  That is my be all to end all.  I always have lots of playmates and love playing tug.  After a few hours of hard play, and we go inside, the warmth, the couches, and beds - what a treat.  There is even a heated bed for the little ones in case they are a bit cold when they come in.  But not me - for I am a retriever with a warm golden coat.  I usually sus out the couch. The odd time that I am alone there, Mary comes down and cuddles with me (I do the same thing with Mom at home) then I settle in for the night.  I feel so loved being at Mary's - it's like I never left my own home.   Thank you Mom for finding my Mary.

Love, hugs, and sloppy wet kisses from Ashley

(Writen with the help of her mom Ronnie Faulkner)

“Testimonial for Family Pet Services

In July of this year, we required the use of Family Pet Services, & naturally we had misgivings as with previous experience, our German Shepherd Tosca could not wait to leave.

After our initial visit and meeting with Mary and Cameron, we were comforted in knowing, that they had a very special area to sleep and an enormous area to play and even swim.

When we returned to pick her up after eight (8) days, Tosca did not know whether to get in the car with us or stay there.

Quite recently, during an illness, Tosca had another stay with Mary and Cam for a week and now Cam is picking her up twice a week and she goes up to “camp” for the afternoon. Tosca absolutely loves to go with Cam and when she returns, is often sitting at the front door, looking for him.

We highly recommend Mary and Cam and the services that they offer & know that your four legged friends will be cared for in a happy environment.

All of us that our pet owners should be assured that Mary & Cam have provided care & facilities that are in keeping with how we would want our pets cared for.


Pat, Howard and most especially Tosca

Mary and Cam came into our lives when my husband and I planned our wedding in the Dominican Republic. We put a lot of hours into researching places for our two pups to stay while we were away. Just a few weeks before we were scheduled to leave we still hadn't found anywhere good enough for our babies, when Mary found us. We were walking our dogs down Main Street during Milton's 150th (summer of 2007).  Mary stopped us not to promote her business but just couldn't resist meeting our puppy (she was just 12 weeks at the time). We didn't think much of it until later that afternoon at home,we rushed back to the Family Pet Services booth and she was still there. We talked for awhile and agreed to come out and see her facility, after that I was excited to take the next step (we had never gotten this far before) and took our dogs for a trial overnight. They seemed happy when we picked them up, but for the ultimate test we brought them back a few days later, and they went crazy just going up the driveway. We were sold, if my dogs were happy to be there then I was happy to leave them there.  I cannot express the value of the comfort Mary provided to me during that trip. I missed my dogs but was able to relax and enjoy my wedding knowing that they were in capable loving hands. Mary even sent me regular emails that week so I could have piece of mind, I called them my daily fix. We trusted Mary and Cam with our hearts, and were not disappointed.  Since then whenever we have long days we make sure that the dogs go to"Mary's house". They always come home happy and exhausted. I am so thankful that Mary stopped us that day. Thanks Mary and Cam for being Tobi and Jorja's home away from home (and keeping me sane).

From Jocelyn, Adam, Tobi and Jorja Jarvis
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