Our Facility

Family Pet Services Dog Retreat is one of a kind facility where all our guests get to enjoy the comforts of a home setting.
"Play, eat, sleep then play some more!" is the motto of our guests.

Guest living quarters are divided into areas where the dogs are separated into smaller compatible groups for nap time and night time.

Always paying attention to individual needs, we make sure that every dog staying with us is comfortable, happy and safe. 


Throughout each and every day, supervisors work with all the four legged guests encouraging good etiquette and family pack mentality. 

Doggy living quarters are cleaned throughout the day to maintain a healthy environment.

Our Little Dog area is designated for smaller breed dogs where they are separated from larger breeds for ultimate safety. 

Our state of the art facility has a 15,000+sq ft fully fenced in outdoor playground with free access to a 3,600sq ft indoor playground for all those rainy and cold days. Our huge one of a kind outdoor playground boasts a 6ft privacy wood fence, artificial turf (for cleanliness and ideal sanitary conditions), doggy play equipment as well as separate areas for small and large breed dogs.

Our indoor playground is a work-in-progress.  We will be adding play structures, lounges etc.  Just look at all that room to run and play!!!

Contact us to sign up for a new client orientation.  Your dog will sure thank you!